“Bearing One Another’s Burdens”

June 27  Gen. 18:1-15; Mt. 8:5-17

. . .He bore our infirmities and took on himself our diseases.” Mt. 17

Jesus walks with us, he carries our burdens, he bears our problems, and our diseases with us.  So often in our society we see helping people without really getting involved, without being emotionally involved, but Jesus suffers with us. He is involved in our lives, he feels with us. That is  what we are called to do–to walk with people, to bear their burdens, to suffer with them. I feel for everyone on Polk and in the Haight. People talked of a “beauty”, and when they do I want to throw up. The suffering people endure is beyond the beauty, the pain they feel is far beyond the beauty. When you go home at night to a nice place, have a nice dinner, yea you can see the beauty, but when you walk with people day in and day out, in the grittiness, and the pain, then that is a different story–we are called to bear the burden’s of another–we are called to walk with them.

Long ass day at Pride.  Came home and went to bed. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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