“Following Jesus”

June 25 Gen. 16:6-, 12, 15-16; Mt. 7:21-9

Today Michael Jackson and Farrah Facett died.  They were larger than life, and they are now no more.  I am reminded each day how short life is, it is short, and ultimately all we have is Jesus.  The Gospel today points out that following Jesus is more than shouting “Lord, Lord, Lord”, it is living out an ethnic of love. Whether one believes in Jesus or Buddha or no one, it is love to which we are called, and we judge ourselves. God does not judge us. We separate ourselves from God, from others, in the way we love. The woman who has basically turned on me, has done so in the “name of Jesus”,  rather than a relationship of mutal caring and love, she cut off any kind of relationship.  I see it day in and day out–violence, hatred, selfishness cuts the people on the street off from wholeness. I see it in the lives of people I know in churches, and in other areas of life. It is there inability to accept people, to forgive, to love that cuts them off. I see it in the world–the world is torn apart by violence and death because of our own self centeredness.  We are called to follow Jesus–and to truly follow Jesus is to love each person for who he or she is without judgment.

I spent the afternoon with intern, served meal, and came home and dropped. I am totally exhausted, really exhausted, long weekend ahead. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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