“Throwing Pearls Before Swine”

Mt. 7:6, 12-14

“Jesus said to his disciples: Do not give what is holy to the dogs or throw your pearls before swine. .”

So often I feel deeply rejected when people do not accept  me. I can remember in my last Master’s program in Iowa a professior who taught a course on sexuality telling me after I wrote a paper for him, “You will have a hard row to hoe, you do not back down, and you walk a path so many fear tread.”  It has not been really a “hard row to hoe.”  But I have been, am, and will be rejected by a lot of people because of my views on sexuality and faith.  My faith is one that preaches Christ, but a non-judging, accepting, understanding Christ who accepts everyone, and does not look at things black and white. He simply tells us to love one another, and that is our basis for judgment. I do not believe he judges us, but that we judge our selves by the way we respond to his commandment to love. That for many people is very scary, but for me has been freeing.  The Gospel tells us that the gate is narrow, it is rough, but it leads to life. And yes, it is rough as hell, I hurt a lot, but I have much joy in my life and I am happy, even in the rough times. Through the years I have had difficulty accepting the toughness, but in the last two years I have come to see that that is a part of the journey I have chosen, to accept it, to embrace it, and it has freed me from depression, and my life simply has much joy.

Spent day cooking, with my intern, ben came in to help, served meal, i  came home early, exhausted, purely exhausted, took a shower and went to bed at 11:00 p.m. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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