“Judging–The Most Destructive Behaviour”

June 22, Mt. 7:1-5

Paulininus aof Nola, John Fisher, and Thomas More

Jesus is speaking to us about seeing faults.  He is a little humorous and yet sobering, as he contrasts the speck and the plank in our eyes.  Jesus wants us to open our eyes to see what he sees, not only with our eyes, but with our hearts.  Let’s not be in the group that Jesus speaks about: those who, having eyes, do not see. it is difficult, but our culture, for all its image based video orientation, is flat out blind.  We should not make our word, our religion, our view points a law for everyone else., not pass judgment upon others for no reason.  Our world is filled with people who judge and their judgment is painful and destructive.  An elderly woman I have known and visited has judged me harshly because I am not Roman Catholic, she  basically does not want to see me, and while she is elderly-her judgment is one shared by many young and old that leads to destruction, broken relationships and even death. We see that in the religious wars through the centuries and in the Middle East today.

I spent the day working with intern, dinner with friends, and outreach. long ass day. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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