“Faith–An Act of Will”

May 25, Jn. 16:29-33

“Faith then is not a conclusion from premises, but the result of an
act of the will, following upon a conviction that to believe is a
– Cardinal Newman [19th C], “Letter to Mrs. Froude”)

Often times for me faith is an act of my will, it is not a certainty, but a continued acting out of my convictions, out of duty. To expect faith to be otherwise would be asking a little much of God . At times in my worst doubts–I act in faith–and faith becomes reality. The older I get the days sometimes get dark, but I continue to act, and I continue to find faith, continue to find meaning and purpose in my life. If I did not act I would be in total depression. The Gospel is a call go trust in Jesus, even when we do not believe.Being a Christian means having the courage to face life, and facing it as victor and not a victim. If the crucifixion looked like defeat–then the resurrection is a victory over death.

Had intern present all day. Visited Brandon and Dustin. Both are in hospice, both suffer deeply, a suffering that most of us have no idea of. All I can do is walk with them.

Attended and spoke at ralley of No on 8 last night. Found it to be “nice”, all clergy saying the right thing, but again it was “nice” to put it mildly. Came home, outreach, and to bed at 3. a.m.

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