“You Must be Born Again”

April 20, Acts 4:23-31; Jn. 3:1-8

“You must be born again” is so often used by fundamentalists and it is very appropriate. For one to encounter Jesus, to enter into a new life he has to give up, or be willing to give up that which is selfish and holds him or her into him or herself.  To be born again means to have a new way of living, of seeing people as God’s children, and of seeing your self as their equal. It means sharing what you have. It means walking with them in their pain, their hurt, and their dying. It means dying to self–and be open to God and therefore to others.  It means giving, giving of yourself to the world. It is not easy, but for one to truly live a full life one must be born again–die to the old.

Spent day going to foodbank; chopping up food; outreach. Justin, 23 year old Jesuit novice with me past two days. I am tired of answering questions about the life on the street.  The reality is I need to be available to the people I work with.  Justin leaves Wednesday, and I am  glad. Have mass going to LA this weekend for a group, and rest. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

One Response to ““You Must be Born Again””

  1. anotherworldcitizen Says:

    Spiritual rebirth is so important. I really like this quote when thinking about being born again.

    “Ye must die to yourselves and to the world, so ye shall be born again and enter the kingdom of heaven. Behold the candle, how it gives light. It weeps its life away drop by drop in order to give forth its flame of light.” ~’Abdu’l-Baha

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