January 30, Friday

Heb. 10:32-39: (39)”We are not among those who withdraw and perish, but among those who believe and win personal salvation.”
mK. 4:26-34

money is low–people are cutting back, the needs increase, but i will not withdraw, i will struggle in my call, it is day by day. i will seek to follow in season and out of season.

i walked a couple of miles to see alice in nursing home today. she is 86, fighting the system in her own way. i can’t blame her. even though she is in a nice place, it is not home, and the staff even though congenial are very institutional. when she stops fighting she will die, so fight on old girl! visiting her brings up my own fears of being in nursing home when i get older, and all that goes with it.

outreach till 2:00 a.m. a lot of people partying, and so people staying under cover, but they are there. God is good! deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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