Thursday, January 29

Heb. 10:19-25; Mk. 4:21-25 “Let us hold to fast to our hope without wavering, because he who promised is faithful.” Heb. 10:19=25. holding fast to the hope, ultimately is all one has. i have found it is either my faith that sustains or my life just goes crazy. i have found many people do drugs because they have no hope, nothing to hold on to, and so it is into holding on to the hope in Christ that i find my sustenance. spent day cooking, served meal, easy night, rather warm, people rather mellow. graham 21 stopped by, and he is living with a new “boy friend”, moved from the 75 year old to the 50 year old. guy is madly in love with him–for now–how long that will last one only knows. he goes from one guy to the other, and always hurt and kicked out.

“Wealth, which leads men the wrong way so often, [should be] seen
less for its own qualities than for the human misery it stands for.
The large rooms of which you are so proud are in fact your shame.
They are big enough to hold crowds — and also big enough to shut
out the voice of the poor! … The poor man cries before your
house, and you pay no attention. There is your brother, naked,
crying, and you stand there, confused over the choice of an
attractive floor covering.”
… St. Ambrose of Milan
Wealth is so destructive, and St. Ambrose describes it right. I have little money, what I have I use for ministry–with no regrets. deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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