January 26, 2 Tim. 1:1-9; J, 3:22-30, Timothy and Titus

Both apostles we celebrate today was as human as the rest of us–and yet they proclaimed the gospel above all. rented storage today–250.00 a month, really scary that kind of money going out, but for fourteen thousand blankets and the need i can not do otherwise. it is going to be a step of faith. several other large agencies have refused the blankets–not enough staff or space–but there is such a need. took a long walk. during outreach, james and sue lost their baby, went off to do drugs before i had time to really talk to them, sad, but again, life on the streets is tough. people with normal lives can hide their pain, and their fears, but when you are out on the streets, u see life like it really is–very, very tough, and death at hand. still have cold, went to bed at midnight. deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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