Saturday, January 24 Frances de Sales Mk. 3:20-21

i had lunch with vicki, got a haircut, and went and saw “Che”, four hour movie about Che Guvarro. I disagree with his tactics of violence, but i do agree with his revolution and support for the poor. there is an article in the paper about bolivia and it is the same as it was then. we in the usa live in a protective world. the poorest of the poor have access to basic health care, and yet we complain and bitch, and the rich gather their money and horde it when many are suffering.Jesus was out of his mind because he loved humanity and respected all of life, and yet that is what makes us human is our caring for each other. ran into sean, 18 down here from ukiah. stranded, alone. i let him sleep on my floor and put him on a bus. some would say he is a stupid kid, who “chooses” to be homeless–well that maybe–but he is still a kid in need. people are at my door for food, many work–do they choose this, no. i am going to store fourteen thousand blankets, not knowing where the money is coming from to pay for the storage, but it will come. Jesus came to make us truly human in the caring and respect for our human brothers and sisters. deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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