January 23, Mk. 3:13-19

rainy, cool today. i am still struggling with cold. i paid bills, worked on different office stuff, getting place for 14000 blankets. it is going to be expensive, but i feel i need to get the blankets, so many people need them. i went and saw REVOLUNTIONARY ROAD, sad movie, and i thought of how even if i had stayed in the parish my life would have wound up with the same lack of meaning, and how lucky i am for willing to take the risks. life is about risks. we lead to security and money so often that we lose a sense of what life is about. i find that with kids. they are adventurous, take chances, risk takers, involved in social consciousness,up until about thirty, and then they decide to make the “money” and they are essentially dead. that is why i prefer working with younger people. on the streets it is the same–there is hope until about 30, but after that they are “dead to life.” i did outreach. people needing socks that were dry and food, always makes me feel like i am doing something worthwhile, and i went to bed early with the cold. the passage is about the calling of the 12, i feel like i follow in their line. deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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