January 22, Vincent, Heb. 7:25-8:6; Mk. 3:7-12

The Gospel has Jesus inundated with people wanting their needs met; we are a needy people, and there is so much need; i find myself inundated day in and day out with the same neediness. Last night Graham 21, came by, on heroine, wanting me to go with him to methodone clinic, but that is just the tip of the ice berg. he will continue to use until he gets those inner needs met; chris, 31, been on street since he was 17, married, wife died, back on the streets, again constant empty need; What does one do? run away–no–one seeks to be Christ, to the best of one’s ability, acknowledging that that need will never go away–there will always be people who are so poor, so desperate, and rich who grab for money that it hurts others, but one can hope in the resurrection, have faith that God will ultimately bring all those needs to fruition. it is day by day, step by step.. i spent the night in sonoma, and walked around to the historic sites–i thought of how all these people lived short lives, and yet they conquered for money, and oppressed the native americans–again our desperation and neediness. had lunch with susan, and came home. stayed in because of cold–graham, chris, came by, and went to bed early. deo gratis! thanks be to God!

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