October 19, Is. 54:1, 4-6; I Thess. 1:1-5; Mt. 22:15-21

For me the Gospel is saying that all belongs to God, and Jesus is simply using humor to say that–it does not matter what we give to who–it all belongs to God. Spent day watching T.V., dinner with Stephen, went to program on Proposition 8 at Jones Memorial, came home. Styx, 22 , showed up sick, feverish, stayed to early morning and slept on my bed, while i worked on stuff on the computer and finally I sent him out. He is like so all of the guys out there, the drugs overwhelmed their lives, their relationships, and brings with it entitlement. He finds it hard to understand people can only do so much. He has abscess he has had for months, and does not take care of, and is angry because it will not go away. Takes no responsibility for his own actions.  I find myself overwhelmed with people’s needs. Like 22 year old Mike night before last in my face because I would not give him money–quote: “You have plenty of money.” Made me mad as hell.  Number one at the moment I am barely holding my head above water, and most of money goes for their needs to begin with, and number two just the sense of entitlement. I would never think of saying that to people I know.  People think I am tough, and rude sometimes, when i am in reality just putting down the boundaries to protect myself. I live here and am accessible and if I do not these guys would overwhelm me. I know that this is work I do well, I love doing, but there are times–Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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